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Color Game (Stroop Test)


Look at the color word held by the teacher & try to be the first one to touch the name of the color it’s written in. For instance, if the word yellow is written in the color blue, the first person to touch the word “blue” wins! (It’s harder than you think!)

Before class:

  • Write color words in black lettering on card stock
  • Write another set of the same color words on card stock. Use the color words listed above…but this time make sure it’s written in a different color than word reads

How to play:

  • Lay out the black lettered color words face up on a table
  • Invite 2 kids to stand facing the black lettered color words, within easy reach of all of them
  • Quickly hold up a color word that is written in a different color than the word itself (for instance, the word “red” may be written in the color green.)
  • When the kids see the word, the first kid to hit the black lettered color THAT THE WORD IS WRITTEN IN wins the match (so even though the word reads “red”…if it’s written in green, the child should hit the card on the table that says “green.”
  • Remember: “Match the color…not the word!”
  • We divided into teams & each winner would receive 1 point for their respective teams; the team with the most points when our game time was up won the game!

Also check out this fun online version of the Stroop Test for kids!


We used this game to introduce our lesson on Lydia (Acts 16). We explained that the reason we played this fun game about colors was because the woman in our story today was known for selling a cloth of a certain color. We encouraged the kids to listen closely to find out which color was associated with the story of Lydia.

** Spoiler alert: Lydia was known for selling PURPLE cloth! (You can read her story in Acts 16)


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