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Lies are hard to cover up

2 Kings 5

Gehazi lies to Elisha

Bible Verse: “Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught.” Proverbs 10:9

**I came across this great object lesson at the Corner on Character blog. Since we handle the large group activities that introduce the lesson, we are adapting it to a “game” that will teach a lesson. Breaking into smaller groups will allow our kids to have a better vantage point.

See link below for original post:

Object Lesson/Activity

Items needed:

  • Bucket filled halfway with water (1 per team)
  • Quarter (1 per team)
  • Several pennies (3 per child per team)


  • Divide kids into teams
  • Give each team a bucket partially filled (approx halfway) with water
  • Place 1 quarter in the center of each water filled bucket
  • Give each child 3 pennies
  • Challenge teams to drop their pennies into the bucket one at a time
  • Make sure they drop from ABOVE the bucket!
  • Whichever team is able to completely cover their quarter w/ pennies wins!

[Spoiler Alert: Few if any pennies will cover the quarters!]

Application: Tell kids the quarters represent lies. The smaller pennies represent smaller lies one has to tell to cover up their original lie. Often when we tell one lie…we end up having to tell more, smaller lies to try to cover them. It rarely works. (Even if some pennies landed on the quarters…point out that parts of the quarter are still noticeable!)  Most of the time our lies are eventually found out. Even if we can fool others…we can never fool God! Honesty is always best policy!