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What is Missing

Use clip art and cardstock to create an easy game for preschoolers. Show them the cards, one by one, and see if they can guess what important thing is missing in each picture.

Ask the kids if they’ve ever lost anything that was special to them.

This is a great way to introduce the Parable of the Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son…or perhaps Jesus as a young boy missing on the way home from the temple…or even Jesus’ body missing from the tomb! So many uses!

Tech talented folks could even make a video version!

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Gospel in a Nutshell for Preschoolers

Use this easy finger play to teach preschoolers the Gospel message:

God made me (Hands forming something)

God loves me (hands cross over heart)

God wants me to follow Him (walk to the right)

But I want to go my own way (cross arms & walk to the left)

That’s called sin! (Whisper with hand to mouth)

And that’s a problem! (Tap chin)

Because God hates sin! (Mad face)

but He loves me! (Hug yourself)

But God had a plan! (Finger up)

He gave His only Son, Jesus (hands extended)

To make a way for us (widen hands)

He came as a baby (squat and suck thumb)

And grew into a man (rise to stand-hands on hips)

He died on a cross (arms out-as on a cross)

Was buried (arms crossed-squat)

And rose 1-2-3 days later (rise on 3rd count)

He’s alive! He came to our rescue! (Hands up-celebrate!)

Thank you, Jesus! I’ll follow you! (Kneel-pray)