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Nebuchadnezzar says…

Today we played a variation of “Simon Says” in preparation for our lesson on Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Items needed:



  • Explain that you are King Nebuchadnezzar & you will call out various commands for the kids to follow
  • Tell the kids when you give a command, you expect it to be followed immediately! …after all, you are the KING!
  • Warn them that you might throw in a few commands that they should NOT obey…even though the king says to do it! Tell the kids you’ll be watching closely who can figure out which commands God would not want them to obey!
  • Begin giving basic commands similar to Simon Says
  • Some examples:

-Nebuchadnezzar says touch your nose!

-Nebuchadnezzar says hop on one foot!

-Nebuchadnezzar says cluck like a chicken

– Nebuchadnezzar says waddle like a duck

-Nebuchadnezzar says nod your head

-Nebuchadnezzar says jump up & down

….and so on

***Unlike Simon Says, where some commands begin w/ “Simon Says” & some don’t….in this game, begin EVERY command with “Nebuchadnezzar says….”

  • After several routine “Nebuchadnezzar says” commands…add in a command that says: “Nebuchadnezzar says bow down & worship my statue!” (Hopefully the kids will catch themselves & remember they’re only supposed to bow down & worship God!)…if not…be sure to catch them & remind them of Gods command!
  • Go back to a few more regular/silly commands & then add: “Nebuchadnezzar says eat the King’s food!” (Again, use this as a teaching moment to share how Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego & Daniel handled that situation!)
  • Do a few more silly commands & finish w/ “Nebuchadnezzar says bow down & worship GOD!” (Share with the kids that after Nebuchadnezzar saw God rescue Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego from the fiery furnace, he decreed that no one should speak against their God!)
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Gideon’s army

Judges 6-8

Items needed:

Index cards


Before class, prepare 2 batches of index cards. In the first set, make enough so that there will be one for each student. Approximately 2/3 of the cards should say “trembled with fear” and 1/3 should say “not afraid.”

The second set of index cards should match the same number of “not afraid” cards above. The majority should read “got on knees to drink” and approximately 2-3 cards should read “drank from cupped hands, lapping like a dog.” (The actual ratio is .03, but our group was too small to calculate that number, so we improvised a little to make the point!)


Ask all the kids to stand up. Hand each kid a card (facedown) from the first set. Instruct them not to look at the card until you tell them to!

Read Judges 7:2-3 aloud. Instruct the kids to look at their cards. Anyone whose card reads “trembled w/ fear” should sit down.

Pass out the second set of cards to the remaining kids. Again, the cards should stay facedown & no one is to look until you give the “okay.” Read aloud Judges 7:4-8. Invite the kids to look at their cards. Those who have “knelt down to drink” cards should be seated. The few remaining are the “chosen ones.” The lives of everyone in the room will depend on them! 😜

This activity was a great way to help the kids picture the Judges 7 account!