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A “souper” lesson on patience

Genesis 25:24-34

Game: Soup’s On!

Items needed:

  • Construction paper cut into 8 vegetable shapes (or use clip art), each one lettered to spell “P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E” (see illustration at top of page); 8 vegetable shapes per team
  • Large soup pot
  • Writing utensils for each child


  • Divide kids into teams
  • Give each child a writing utensil and a strip with one coded puzzle on it
  • Give each team a copy of the code key
  • Explain these are the “noodles” for the soup
  • Each team should work together to decode the 8 puzzles given to their team
  • As each child completes their puzzle, they may run to the front of the room & place their strip of paper in the soup pot at the front of the room
  • When they have put all of their “noodles” (aka strips of paper w/ decoded puzzle) in the pot, each team member receives a vegetable with a letter on it. The team that can put the vegetables in the proper order to spell the “mystery” word first wins the game.
  • When a team places the vegetable letters in the right order, they may raise their hands. A teacher will come verify that they are correct. They may then put their vegetables in the pot.
  • Hint: The mystery word is something that Esau needed when he was hungry!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Assign an adult or older child to each team if possible
  • Tell the teams not to shout out their word when they get it in the right order, so that other teams may continue to work to find the correct answer
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I love teaching kids about Jesus!

Kids can have fun AND learn about Him…church doesn’t have to be boring!

Join me as I share some of the lessons I’ve learned in over 25 years of teaching in preschool & children’s ministry.

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The least of these…

Matthew 25:35-40

Game: Dress/Feed Relay

Items needed:

  • 2 sets oversized clothes (we used a pullover top & gym shorts)
  • 2 aprons
  • Pudding snack packs
  • Plastic spoons
  • Small table or bench
  • Plastic drop cloths

Set up:

  • Place clothes on one end of room
  • Place a long table on the opposite end of room laid out with aprons, puddings & plastic spoons
  • Protect area around & under table with drop cloths for potential messiness from pudding


  1. Divide kids into 2 equal teams (preferably boys against girls)
  2. Kids on each team form pairs
  3. Have kids decide before starting who wants to be dressed & who wants to be fed
  4. At the sound of “go,” one child has to help the other child place the oversized clothes over their existing clothes….then the pair runs to the other end & the child who was just helped getting clothed now has the responsibility of feeding the other child a pudding snack
  5. When the pudding has been emptied, the pair then run back to the other end & remove the oversized clothes for the next pair waiting in line
  6. First team to “dress” & “feed” all the kids on their team wins!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Keep the clothes selection simple! Avoid buttons, zippers, ties, etc
  • Make sure the clothes are large enough to easily slide over the clothes of your largest child
  • Pair boys with boys & girls with girls
  • Have a few different flavor options
  • Ck for food allergies
  • We had a jello option as well, but the pudding was the better choice when feeding…it was easier & less messy
  • Have adult helpers at the table to assist with getting the aprons on the children being fed & to help w/ opening snack packs
  • Tell the kids they may not start feeding their partner til the adult gets the apron secured (we don’t want ruined clothing!!)
  • We had a couple of pairs of teachers race & do it as well! The kids loved that & they were hilarious! If you have willing helpers…let them play too!
  • Laugh, take lots of pictures, & have fun
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Let the Little Children Come

Over 25 years ago, my husband and I walked into our first assignment as newly appointed volunteers in the preschool ministry at our church.  Parenting our then two year old firstborn and having a genuine love for kids were the only pluses on our resume.  In other words, we had no idea what we were doing!

Our children’s director at the time offered me an opportunity to shadow a seasoned teacher who directed a thriving preschool ministry in the area. It was just for one morning, but this teacher was phenomenal.  She had so many creative tips and ideas, and I soaked them all in!  I also began recognizing the talent and skills of elementary school teachers, and started asking questions and purveying websites to brainstorm ways to utilize the creativity they used in their secular classrooms in my church classroom.

Simply put, I determined that I didn’t want to just be a “babysitter.”  I loved Jesus and  wanted the children I taught to know His great love for them.  I knew that if  kids could watch a tv program and quote the catchy lyrics of a song word for word…certainly they could learn God’s Word!  I knew that if crafts and activities at school could reinforce the lessons they were learning…certainly I could do the same thing to help them learn at church!  I wanted our time together to be worthwhile.  I wanted them to learn about my Savior…and I knew they could…if someone would just take the time to teach them!

Fast forward 25 years, and my husband & I have learned a lot about kids.  We have 10 of our own, as well as 2 beautiful grandchildren.  We have continued serving in various forms of preschool and kids ministry throughout all of those years.  While I am constantly trying to add to my repertoire of games, songs, activities and object lessons…I realize that I have quite a collection!  Just as people have so graciously shared their wisdom and creativity with me over the years, my hope with this blog is that I pay it forward! My greatest desire is to help you help your kids learn more about Jesus in a fun, creative, engaging way!



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