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A “souper” lesson on patience

Genesis 25:24-34

Game: Soup’s On!

Items needed:

  • Construction paper cut into 8 vegetable shapes (or use clip art), each one lettered to spell “P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E” (see illustration at top of page); 8 vegetable shapes per team
  • Large soup pot
  • Writing utensils for each child


  • Divide kids into teams
  • Give each child a writing utensil and a strip with one coded puzzle on it
  • Give each team a copy of the code key
  • Explain these are the “noodles” for the soup
  • Each team should work together to decode the 8 puzzles given to their team
  • As each child completes their puzzle, they may run to the front of the room & place their strip of paper in the soup pot at the front of the room
  • When they have put all of their “noodles” (aka strips of paper w/ decoded puzzle) in the pot, each team member receives a vegetable with a letter on it. The team that can put the vegetables in the proper order to spell the “mystery” word first wins the game.
  • When a team places the vegetable letters in the right order, they may raise their hands. A teacher will come verify that they are correct. They may then put their vegetables in the pot.
  • Hint: The mystery word is something that Esau needed when he was hungry!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Assign an adult or older child to each team if possible
  • Tell the teams not to shout out their word when they get it in the right order, so that other teams may continue to work to find the correct answer


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