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Bible Trivia-Catchphrase style!

Items needed:

  • Catchphrase timer (or any type of countdown timer)
  • Cards with names & places from the Bible


  • Divide kids into 2 teams (we love to do boys against girls!)
  • Assign 1 adult helper to each team
  • Adult helper #1 presses timer to begin & tries to get his team to guess the person or place as quickly as possible without saying the name on the card, passes are permitted. Once a card is correctly guessed, he may move on to another card. Try to complete as many cards as possible before time runs out. Tally your score (1 point per card correctly guessed)
  • Play passes to next team. Adult helper #2 repeats the same process with her team.
  • Determine a set number of rounds & the team with the highest score at the end of the total rounds wins!


Married to my high school sweetheart; mom of 10; Nan to 2; Romans 10:9-10

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