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Happy Face, Happy Face…

Happy Face Jingle:

“Happy Face, Happy Face what do you see?

I see a silly face looking at me! 🤪

Silly face, silly face what do you see?

I see a sad face looking at me!😢

Sad face, sad face what do you see?

I see a mad face looking at me! 😡

Mad face, mad face what do you see?

I see a surprised face looking at me! 😳

Surprised face, surprised face what do you see?

I see a sleepy face looking at me!😴

Sleepy face, sleepy face what do you see?

I see happy face looking at me! 😊

Happy Face, Happy Face what do you see?

I see another happy face looking back at me!” 😃

~author unknown

Items needed:

  • Construction paper cardstock
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Paint sticks
  • Packaging tape
  • Happy Face Jingle


  • Draw each of the faces mentioned in the Happy Face Jingle on a piece of construction paper cardstock
  • Cut face out into a large circle shape
  • Write words to each line of Jingle on back of corresponding face circles, as well as any songs, prompts or fingerplays you may like to sing when you are finished on the last circle
  • Begin w/ Happy Face #1…work through the corresponding faces individually & end with Happy Face #2 looking at Happy Face #1
  • Laminate circles to help them last longer!
  • Tape paint sticks to back of circles

Tips & Tricks:

  • Be as animated as possible!
  • As you say the Jingle, show the circle face that corresponds with each line
  • Make the faces yourself as shown on the circles & encourage the kids to show you their best “happy face, silly face, etc” along with you!
  • This is a great transition activity to get kids ready to sit & listen to a story!
  • I usually tell them how GLAD I am to see their sweet happy faces in my class!
  • We’ve made smaller versions w/ craft sticks instead of paint sticks for the kids to hold & they love that option too at times for small classes!


Married to my high school sweetheart; mom of 10; Nan to 2; Romans 10:9-10

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