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Salvation is a free gift

This is one of my favorite object lessons for preschoolers when sharing the Gospel message.


  • Wrap a large box with a lid
  • Glue or draw a cross on top
  • Create a false bottom in the lid & cover it with the wrapping paper
  • Cut a narrow slit in the top of the lid
  • Cut medium sized heart shapes out of black construction paper (1 for each child in your class)…and then cut the same number & size hearts out of white paper. (Alternative: cut 1 very large black heart & 1 identical white heart)


  • Explain plan of salvation
  • When explaining the concept of sin, hand everyone a black heart to signify “…all have sinned…” (or just demonstrate with 1 large black heart if you have too large a group to use individual hearts)
  • Explain that salvation is a free gift
  • Explain what Jesus did for us on the cross & that not only does He have power over death…He also has the power to change our dirty, sinful hearts! He can cleanse us & give us a new heart!
  • Invite the kids to place their “sinful heart” in the slit at the top of the box. Once everyone has put in their black heart, open the lid to reveal white hearts in their place (placed there before the lesson unbeknownst to the audience)
  • Troubleshooting tip: don’t let the kids gather around & linger when putting the black hearts in, so they won’t see the false bottom of the lid; if you can keep the lid slightly above eye level, that works best! Also be very careful when you remove the lid in the “reveal” because the kids may hear the “black hearts” sliding around in the lid if you aren’t careful!

**if you have a large group, just use one large black heart that only you put in the lid as a demonstration & reveal an identical large white heart in the box.

Either way, preschoolers never fail to be amazed by it!


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